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DoorDine Customer App is a part of a complex SaaS B2B product (Mob apps (customers) + web app (admin Dashboard)+ courier Mobile app), which is created for small and medium-sized businesses in the restaurants&delivery industry. This is the face of the product in the eyes of end users

B2B, SaaS
Design tools
Customer App

Challenge #1

In order to cater to the diverse needs of our complex product in various industries, it was crucial to establish a flexible structure. This structure enables us to swiftly customize our offerings for each B2B client, while also accommodating any variations in the delivery process.

Challenge #2

Updating information in real time. The user should receive all updates on the menu, and the administrator should interact with the user: notify them of bonuses and discounts, see new promotions right in the app

Challenge #3

In order to optimize the end user's delivery experience, it is crucial for them to have access to comprehensive information regarding the progress of their delivery. This promotes smoother communication and coordination, enabling efficient updates and ensuring a seamless delivery process for the end user.


The DoorDine mobile app simplifies food delivery by offering a user-friendly interface for ordering meals from a variety of restaurants. Users can browse menus, customize their orders, track deliveries in real-time, and make secure payments through the app. With location-based services, users can easily discover nearby restaurants and enjoy convenient doorstep delivery.

130+ HOURS
of work
75 screens
for mobile
2 platforms
Android App & iOS App

Creating product process

Research & competitor analysis

As a team, we consistently follow the design process steps, and among the initial stages, we prioritize UX research and competitor analysis. It is essential for us to gather insights into the pain points and needs of users, as well as create a comprehensive customer portrait. In this particular case, our goal for this product is to target the Food Delivery market. By focusing on this market segment, we aim to cater to the specific requirements and preferences of users in the food delivery industry. We strive to develop a solution that optimizes the user experience and addresses the unique challenges within this market.

User flow & uX architecture

Upon analyzing the insights from our UX research, we, as a team, embarked on developing the User flow to establish the product architecture. This phase holds tremendous significance as it ensures seamless navigation for users, enabling them to effortlessly transition between different functions within the app and successfully accomplish their goals. Achieving perfection became our primary focus, extending from the meticulous registration process to the flawless presentation of the app. Collectively, we strived to create an exceptional user experience, meticulously refining every aspect to eliminate any barriers or confusion. Our aim was to ensure that users could effortlessly interact with the app and have a satisfying journey from start to finish.

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UI design

Set Your Location

"Set Your Location" is a feature in the DoorDine that allows users to specify their delivery location. By inputting their address or enabling GPS, users can ensure accurate delivery and view nearby restaurants available for ordering. This feature enhances convenience and efficiency by tailoring restaurant options and delivery estimates based on the user's chosen location. It ensures a seamless and personalized experience for users when ordering food through the DoorDine app.

Choose Dishes

It is a core feature of the DoorDine that empowers users to select their desired meals. With an extensive database of restaurant menus, users can explore a wide range of dishes and cuisines. The feature provides detailed descriptions, images, and prices for each dish, enabling users to make informed choices. Additionally, users can customize their orders with specific preferences, such as toppings, sides, or special instructions, ensuring a personalized dining experience.

Order Details

The feature in the DoorDine food provides users with a comprehensive overview of their order. It includes information such as the selected dishes, quantities, customization options, and total cost. Users can review and modify their order details before finalizing the purchase. The feature also displays the estimated delivery time, ensuring transparency and keeping users informed about when to expect their food.

Delivery Zone

The feature in the DoorDine food helps users identify the areas where delivery services are available. Users can access a map or input their address to check if their location falls within the designated delivery zone. This feature ensures that users have a clear understanding of whether they can receive delivery from DoorDine based on their proximity to supported regions. It streamlines the ordering process and avoids potential confusion or disappointment regarding delivery eligibility.

Pick up Order

The customer can choose the nearest restaurant where he can pick up an order.
He can create a route to it with just one click. It is very convenient!

Delivery Tracker

The feature in the DoorDine offers real-time updates on the status of the user's delivery. Users can track the progress of their order from the moment it is picked up by the delivery driver until it reaches their doorstep. The feature provides live location tracking of the delivery driver, estimated arrival time, and notifications for important milestones, ensuring users have visibility and peace of mind throughout the delivery process. It enhances transparency, convenience, and overall customer satisfaction with DoorDine's food delivery service.

Review Delivery

The "Review Delivery" feature in the DoorDine allows users to provide feedback and rate their delivery experience. After receiving their order, users can rate the delivery service, driver, and overall satisfaction with the delivery. They can also leave written reviews to share their thoughts and opinions. This feature helps DoorDine maintain quality standards, improve customer service, and provides valuable insights for other users when making decisions about their own orders.

QR Promo Codes

The "QR Promo Codes" feature in the DoorDine enables users to redeem promotional offers and discounts using QR codes. Users can scan QR codes provided by DoorDine or partner restaurants to instantly apply the associated promotions to their orders. This feature enhances the user's savings and provides a seamless and convenient way to take advantage of exclusive deals. It adds an interactive and engaging element to the user experience while ensuring hassle-free discount redemption.

UI kit
We decided on Poppins font. It’s a modern font that fits perfectly in both the header and main text
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